Network Solutions and Maintenance

netCamFirst Technologies has highly skilled technicians and Certified Engineers to recommend, design, acquire, install and maintain comprehensive and converged computer network solutions to fit  the basic to the most sophisticated requirements. Our solutions are always designed with security in mind. A special attention is given to implement workable solutions with highest standard in operability to avoid down time and loss of data. Furthermore, Customer Satisfaction is most important for us so that we always take care of our customer.

We provide network services that have been valued to our customers are

  • Network design and consultation
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Network auditing
  • Help Desk and Technical Support Center
  • Network Management
  • Network Traffic Monitoring
  • Network Analysis and Recommendation

In short- we can help you to build and maintain the best LAN/WAN network professionally with security and acceptable performance and efficiency. LAN/WAN:

  • Infrastructure-Cisco System’s full range of proven products –Routers, Switches, end-to-end VOIP solution, Wireless LAN, Security-Firewalls, IPS, etc.
  • Network Traffic Management – Cisco, F5, and Blue Coat System.

Our Products

Easy-to-ues, inituitive solutions design to maximize the efficiency of instrument control.

Our Services

We commit to the highest customer satisfaction by providing excellence services.

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We believe in growing with our business partners to achieve a success together.

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