Education Management System

eduEducation Management System could make your staff, lecturer, student, and student’s parents with more convenience services than ever. Using the Education Management System, finding student information is just a few seconds away which might have cost hours, or even days, before. At the end of the semester, printing students' statement becomes just a few minutes' job (the speed limitation determined by your printer), but it could be a nightmare without using Education Management System. If a student is absent, an email or even a short text message could be sent automatically to their parents' email address or mobile phone.


Human Resource Management System

hrmHuman Resource Management System is a comprehensive web-based solution for small and medium sized companies. The system aims to replaces strenuous paper-based, time consuming and error prone HR methods. It can be customized to suit your needs and meet desired level of automation. It offers an end-to-end centralized HRMS system which integrates with the Payroll and Self Service Modules seamlessly. 
CamFirst HRM provides a robust and rule-based interface to manage employee profiles, benefits, leaves, loans and salary calculations.


ERP Management System

erpERP Management System provides supporting critical functions of your entire business processes and operation efficiently. Our system delivers the obvious advantages of business process automation, enhanced operational efficiencies, easier accessibility of information, and data analysis. In addition to this, the system is tailored to fulfill specific needs of your business industry both locally and globally.


Accounting Management System

accAccounting Management System is a complete accounting system that allows employees in your organization to access our system through a simple web browser anywhere and anytime. Instead of paying hardware, software, and IT professional to maintain your accounting system, you just pay us for a smaller monthly fee.



Helpdesk Management System

helpHelpdesk Management System provides is a web-based ticket support system that is simple to use. For those organizations that want to improve customer support using modern technology, reduce organization workload, save time and money, and maintain customer’s loyalty by providing an efficient support to their customers using our helpdesk web-based solution.


Web-Based Invoice Management System

invWeb-base Invoice Management System is a web-based invoicing solution that is simplest and fastest way to allows users to manage and track invoicing tasks anywhere and anytime.





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