Accounting Management System

accAccounting Management System is a complete accounting system that allows employees in your organization to access our system through a simple web browser anywhere and anytime. Instead of paying hardware, software, and IT professional to maintain your accounting system, you just pay us for a smaller monthly fee.



  • Chart of Accounts (Groups and Ledgers)
  • Dynamic Entry Types (Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal Vouchers, etc)
  • Ledger account reconciliation
  • Tag vouchers
  • Reports include Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Trial Balance and Ledger Statement, Reconciliation Report, etc
  • Download Reports in CSV and HTML formats
  • User authentication and roles
  • User Action Logs
  • Full support for MySQL database transactions to maintain data integrity
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Helpdesk Management System
  • Web-based Invoice Management System

Benefits of System

  • You Only Need A Browser - Users need only a browser on any computer and a connection to the Internet. This makes it very easy to deploy the system throughout your organization. Remote users can even access the system through computers located at the airport or in a cyber cafe. It is the ultimate thin client model and virtually no effort or expense need be incurred to deliver access to everyone in your organization.
  • Lower Up-Front Costs for Software - Customers avoid paying larger up-front costs to purchase the software. Large fees for annual upgrades are avoided as well. Instead, the actual cost of the software is spread over time to achieve a better matching of expenditures to the benefits produced by those expenditures.
  • Lower Up-Front Costs for Hardware - Customers avoid paying larger up-front costs to purchase and implement a file server and network software. On-going costs to add RAM to the file server, replace the server’s hard drives, maintain the systems, etc. are also avoided.
  • Lower Administration Costs – Customers avoid the need to hire an expensive IT professional staff or consultants to maintain the system. Typically systems that run on the higher-end Microsoft SQL server and Oracle databases require an IT professional on staff or on call. Salaries for these professional staffs are high. With the web-based model, certified engineers are on staff night and day to maintain your system, and their cost is included in the monthly rental fee.
  • Shorter Implementation Time Frame - The implementation time frame is significantly reduced because the system is already up and running. The customers need only log in and begin entering data. The training requirement will remain the same whether the system is running locally or via the web.
  • Lower Costs for Multiple Locations – In the past, companies with multiple locations were forced purchase expensive solutions such as Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services Advanced Client to accommodate remote access to the accounting software database. These remote access solutions alone cost very high, which prices these solutions out of reach for many small businesses. With the web-based accounting model, even the smallest of companies can achieve data entry into a single system from multiple locations at affordable prices.
  • Work From Home - This solution is also ideal for small business owners who occasionally want to work from home. Suppose a child is sick and cannot attend school on a given day. Web-based solutions make it easier for the parent to stay home with the sick child, and still access the web-based accounting system to process payments, print reports, input transactions, etc. As another example, a web-based accounting system might make it easier for a working parent to leave the workplace early, for example at 3:00pm, and continue working from home in order to miss the rush hour and to be there when the children gets home from school.
  • No More Backup Worries –backups are maintained on a frequent basis which further protects small businesses in the unlikely event of data loss. Studies show that only a small percentage of small businesses perform regular back-ups properly and store them off-site. With our web-based accounting system, the company can still maintain their own local back-ups if they want, even though our system performs rigorous back up procedures religiously.
  • Up-to-date Application Code – our solution apply enhancements and patches to customer’s product on a continuous basis compared to the older method in which customers receive patches and enhancements once or twice a year. The result is more responsive to the customer’s needs and the application itself always reflects the latest version. There is no more need to pay consultants fees to come in and implement system upgrades - this occurs automatically on a timely basis and with no additional cost to you.

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