Helpdesk Management System

helpHelpdesk Management System provides is a web-based ticket support system that is simple to use. For those organizations that want to improve customer support using modern technology, reduce organization workload, save time and money, and maintain customer’s loyalty by providing an efficient support to their customers using our helpdesk web-based solution.


I.  Customer Interface

  •  Submit new tickets
  •  Attach files
  •  Obtain detailed information from customers with custom fields
  •  SPAM prevention
  •  Suggest related knowledgebase articles before final ticket submission
  •  View and rate staff replies
  •  E-mail notifications of staff replies
  •  Browse and search knowledgebase
  •  ... And more!

II.  Knowledgebase

  •  Unlimited knowledgebase articles
  •  Unlimited categories and subcategories
  •  Quick and Easy search capabilities
  •  Post attachments to articles
  •  Count article views
  •  List newest and most popular articles
  •  Rate articles
  •  ... And more!

III.  Administrator/Staff interface

  •   Unlimited administrators and staff accounts
  •   Restricted access to some functionalities for certain staff
  •   Powerful ticket search ability
  •   Assign tickets to staff
  •   Manage knowledgebase categories and articles
  •   Manage staff accounts
  •   Canned responses (pre-written replies)
  •   Customize help desk settings
  •   Modify your profiles and signatures
  •  Autoclose tickets after X days
  •  Run reports
  •   E-mail notifications of new tickets and replies
  •   Customers can easily rate staff replies
  •   Easy translation into any language
  •   ... And more!

Benefits of System

  • Improve Customer Support:      Receive, track and organize customer support issues (tickets) by department and by urgency.
  • Reduce Your Workload:      Integrated Knowledgebase may reduce the number of support requests by as much as 50%!
  • Save Time and Money:      Our solution is super simple to use, fast, lightweight, secure, and user friendly

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